Climate change & Global warming

Climate Change is real and man-made.

The Earth is a living organism and must be treated as such. It has to breathe and cool down.

The rainforest is the humidistat for the Earth. It controls the temperature and the humidity. This is accomplished by controlling the temperature and humidity in the air masses (Hadley Cells) that start at the Equator and go to the 30 degree line in both hemispheres.

The Hadley Cells set the temperature and humidity levels for other air masses (The Ferrel Cells and the Polar Cells).

Clearing and cutting of the rainforest resets the humidistat to higher levels, causing the surface and ocean temperatures to increase.

The oceans are cooled down by coming in contact with land masses. If the land masses canít cool down, the oceans will be unable to cool down.

The rainforest is the climate control mechanism for Earth. It is the only thing on Earth that can do this task.

It is of the utmost importance that the rainforest be reforested as soon as possible.

Failure to so will result in rising ocean levels (glaciers melting), more severe weather systems and droughts, and more wildfires.

Jefferson, 2014